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- Easy to operate in a narrow space;

- 45N.m high torque output;

- Adjustable speed, matching various applications.


Accessories & Package

- Battery Charger, 2.0Ah Battery Pack (2pcs), Square Drive Adapter, Socket S15Plastic Case Packing


Adjustable Wrench - 200mm (8")

Model no. THT101086

Material Chromium-vanadium steel (Cr-V)

Size: 0-30mm

Length 200mm (8")


Adjustable Wrench - 250mm (10")

Model no.

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RM30.00 - RM55.00

Model no. THT10309328

Material Carbon steel

Size 9-14mm, 15-22mm, 23-32mm

Thickness 4-10mm, 5-12.5mm



- This wrench set features a stylish, functional, and convenient design, providing all the necessary tools.

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